Thanksgiving Message 2017

November 22, 2017
2:51 am

A Thanksgiving message from our CEO and Founder, Josh Harley.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Fathom family!

I love this time of year. It is a time for family, fun, good food, and of course, a time for thanksgiving.

I heard a touching and powerful story last Sunday in church that made me take pause. Our pastor was sharing a story from his childhood. One of his elementary school teacher. It was a time of hardship for everyone in the country for it was during the second World War. Each morning his teacher would have them recite the pledge of allegiance and then she would pray with the children. One morning her prayer was a little different. This time her prayer was intertwined with painful sorrow and flowing tears but the words… the words that came from her lips were those of thanksgiving. You see, she just learned that her husband died on the shores of Normandy. She lost her husband and her best friend. How can anyone whisper words of thanksgiving on the day they lose the love of their life? She chose a heart of thanksgiving over bitterness and I think we can all learn from her example.

We all have struggles, some may be greater than others but they are all painful nonetheless. We can choose to allow the pain to devour us or we can choose to stand firm and sing a song of joyful thanksgiving. I hope you will choose to be thankful for what you had and what you still have over dwelling on what you’ve lost or have never had. I’ve learned over the years that healing is only possible when your heart is ready to receive it.

What a wonderful opportunity we have to take pause and reflect on the endless blessings we have in our lives. It’s a time of Thanksgiving, indeed. We turn our hearts toward you, our agents, our Fathom family, with a heartfelt, “thank you”. The vision of Fathom was, is, and always will be all about you.

Together we are changing this industry one Realtor and one client at a time. By serving each other and putting each other first, we are creating a change in this industry that is contagious. How do I know? Because together, we are winning awards and accolades that are earned, never bought. We are blessed to be building our Fathom family together with each of you.

I am thankful today, and every day, for my family as I am sure you are thankful for your family. I pray that you pause today and hug your family, listen to their dreams, and bask in the laughter and love.

With that sentiment, I simply leave you with this; may your Thanksgiving be filled with that laughter and love.

God bless and happy Thanksgiving.

Josh Harley, CEO
Fathom Realty