How To Use A Houseopedia Article

February 2, 2021
2:01 pm

Here at Houseopedia, we are proud to be many real estate agents’ go-to source for content that helps their clients. One question we get a lot is:

“How can I best use Houseopedia content?”

Here are some ways you can leverage our extensive library of articles, checklists, guides and more to build your brand authority with clients and potential clients. You can share Houseopedia content in many ways — here are a few we suggest! 

Social Media – Sharing In Platform

When sharing a Houseopedia article, it can be tempting to simply hit the “Share” button within the platform (We get it – you are busy!). While this will work in a pinch, doing this probably won’t get you the best return. A better way to share content directly within the platform is to not only hit the “Share” button but to add a quick sentence or two with YOUR thoughts or a call to action for your audience to encourage their engagement. Remember, on most social media platforms, one of the components that are critical to ensuring continued growth is having an engaged audience.*

Here are a few quick examples of ways to introduce Houseopedia’s monthly homeowner to-do lists:

  • “As we enter <<SPECIFIC MONTH>>, this is a great checklist to make sure your home is ready for the season!”
  • “Wow! I will be reviewing this checklist to make sure my home is ready for the season. Is yours?”
  • “Is your home ready for <<SPECIFIC MONTH>>? Use this quick and handy checklist to make sure you are prepared!”
  • “As <<SPECIFIC SEASON>> approaches, I love seeing <<SEASON SPECIFIC SIGHT>> at my house! Is your home ready?”

*Note that on most platforms, an “engaged” fan/follower is one who reacts, comments or shares your content. To the platform’s algorithm, this engagement shows that YOUR content is relevant not only to that audience member but to other audience members who share similar interests/traits. Once someone engages with your content, they are more likely to see more of your content, so get the engagement going!

Social Media – Original Post

If you are creating your own social media schedule and posting original content with links to Houseopedia articles, here are some tips to maximize your engagement with your audience.

  • Give a teaser to the article in your post. For instance, if the article is a list of five things, quickly summarize one of them in your post and then encourage readers to read the entire article for more ideas.
  • Build your brand authority by giving your thoughts on what the article means to YOUR specific market. For example, if you are posting an article about preventing frozen pipes in the winter, explain that in your years of experience, you’ve seen the damage that frozen pipes can cause homeowners. Advise your readers that taking a few precautions mentioned in the Housepedia article can save them time, money and problems down the road.
  • Solicit your audience’s opinion. For instance, if an article highlights ways to save money during a particular season, ask your readers to share other money-saving tips they’ve learned over the years for that season.

We hope these tips and ideas will help you not only grow and nurture your audience but enhance your brand authority as well! If you have a topic you would like to see Houseopedia write about, reach out to us at and let us know.

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