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8 Email Campaigns You Should Set Up Right Now

November 19, 2017
10:50 am

Go ahead, bow your head in shame if you place every lead on the exact same drip campaign. Okay, that was a bad idea. You can’t read with your head bowed which means you can’t learn how to improve this predicament. All joking aside, if you are going to use drip campaigns to support your lead conversion efforts then it is VITAL to ensure those campaigns are speaking to your lead’s desires and needs.

If an effective campaign is supposed to speak to the recipient’s needs and every person has different needs then how can one campaign speak to everyone? That was more of a statement and less of a question. I would like to challenge you to devote time to creating a campaign for each of the following:

  • Local Buyer Campaign (never met/spoken)
    the only way to know if they are local is to require the phone number field during registration. Even if the phone number is fake, the first 3 digits are usually accurate. If the number gives you no clues then assume they are local for email purposes.
  • Relocation Buyer Campaign (never met/spoken)
    must require phone number field to know. Offer incentives like city and neighborhood information or a special relocation packet.
  • Buyer Campaign (spoken with, buying in 2+ months)
    touching base type emails in addition to emails of “just-listed” properties matching their criteria.
  • Seller Campaign (spoken with)
    not every seller will be ready to sell immediately. Emails touching base in addition to a fresh CMA every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • CMA/Seller Campaign
    leads from CMA form on site, can be same campaign as above with additional emails in the beginning regarding their requested CMA)
  • Past Buyer Clients – 60 months (ouch, how long?)
    ask how they are, ask for referrals and offer a CMA every few months. Make sure you are the listing agent when they are ready to sell or when their neighbor sells!
  • Past Seller Clients
    see above if they also bought from you, otherwise, ask how they are and ask for referrals! A newsletter can be used after 12 months.
  • Newsletter – 12 months repeating FOREVER or until the world ends, whichever comes first
    pre-written, month/season specific info with a blank spot left for current events. This goes to EVERYONE, past clients, future clients, friends, family and inmates… okay, I know what you’re thinking, family might be a stretch.

TIP: To make this a more attainable goal with immediate results, do not pick one campaign at a time. Write out the first week for each campaign and then move on to the second week for each and so on. Yes, that’s what I said. It goes against all that is natural but you will find this tip will help you implement each campaign faster while keeping you fresh with ideas for writing. Buyer campaigns can feed you ideas for seller campaigns and vise versa. If you pick one campaign and attempt to write out a whole year’s worth of emails then you will discover first hand what writer’s block means. Plus, if it takes you a week to get through writing out one campaign then it will be months before you finally write out the last campaign missing out an opportunity to reach more people.

TIP 2: Services like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and iContact are great ways to implement your campaigns and help ensure they arrive in the intended inboxes. They also give you the ability to monitor the open and click-thru rates for improved lead conversion tracking.

Did I forget anything? Are there any other campaign types you can think of? Campaigns for Investor maybe? Please share your list or ideas with us. *Disclaimer- drip campaigns should NOT be the only source of long-term communication! They have a greater probability for getting caught in email filters of an unspeakably horrific nature. It should be used to supplement your communications, not replace it.