7 Tips To Promote Your Brand On Facebook

November 18, 2017
9:38 pm

Branding your real estate business is at the core of your marketing efforts. You don’t want to only generate leads, you also want people to remember you and share your information with others. The only way agents used to be able to broadcast their brand was on a billboard, attached to the basket of shopping carts, or on the side of a bus. Luckily those days are gone… at least for most of us. building your brand is now done in a completely different way than it was even a few years ago. Tools like Facebook and Twitter, coupled with the huge advances in mobile technology, have improved how we promote ourselves and the speed at which we get our message out.

Most real estate agents think that online ads, websites, and Facebook Business Pages should be all about the AGENT and their listings. How do I say this gently… wrong, wrong, wrong! That kind of thinking is what allowed Netflix to outsmart Blockbuster. If you want to make an impression on social media then it’s important to understand that it can’t be all about you. The value proposition that you provide needs to move away from medals and awards, and focus more on what the consumer wants to learn about your area or your niche. That’s why I love Facebook. It’s an amazing platform to promote your brand by promoting timely information and resources potential clients want to know about.

It’s important to understand that there are two main types of profiles on Facebook. Your personal profile and a business profile. This has been an area of confusion for many real estate agents. They want to know why they need a business page. First of all, and to their point, yes, you can use your personal profile to promote your business and your brand. Yes, your friends and family should know about what you’re doing in your real estate business since they are an important part of your referral network. And yes, you are also your brand. However, there are two key advantages that a business page has over a personal page. First, you can promote your business page to people who are not your friends. In fact, you can target a specific audience. For example, if you have a niche focusing on senior buyers and sellers, then you can target men and women over the age of 60 and now your page will show up in their sidebar encouraging them to learn more and like your business page. That also means you could have 3,000 followers on your Facebook business page even though you may only have 500 Facebook friends. Second, when you have a post that you really believe can generate leads, you are able to ‘boost’ that post for a small fee to ensure it shows up high in the feed of all of your Facebook followers.

Here Are 7 Tips To Promote Your Brand On Facebook

  1. Likes and Comments – Facebook values Likes and Comments on posts. The more Likes and Comments a post has, the more it will be pushed up in your follower’s feeds. To generate more comments, start on a personal level by asking questions. Try posting at least one Yes or No question per day. Generally, people will respond to these. As people respond, the interaction tells Facebook that your post is important, and they will rank it higher. Here’s an example of what that could look like; “Do you prefer to have the master bedroom downstairs? Yes or no. I am trying to help a client who can’t decide”.
  2. Comments part 2 – If you want even more interaction and deeper conversations, write posts that elicits a more in depth conversation. Here’s an example of what that could look like; Include a photo that represents your post and then write something along these lines, “Do you like gray tones in a kitchen? The trend seems to be changing. What is your favorite color scheme for this part of the house?”.
  3. Interact with visitors- Interact with the visitors to your Business page. Keep them engaged and make sure they feel appreciated for taking their time to comment or respond. The more you do, the more they do. The more they do, the higher chance they will remember you when the time comes to buy, sell, or refer.
  4. Interact with other pages- Take the time to comment on other business pages in your area or related to your page. Ask Questions that might get comments on these other pages. If people like what you have to say, they will often click on your profile to learn more about you. You can also, sparingly, link back to your own page within your comment. Be careful here as if abused then you could be removed or seen as a jerk.
  5. Images – Add images to your Business page as often as possible. People tend to click on, and interact with, images faster and more frequently than almost any other post type.
  6. Content – Create content that brings value to your target audience. If your niche is a specific neighborhood, create posts about that neighborhood such as: things to do in and around that neighborhood; best places to eat around that neighborhood; photos of the neighborhood to include panoramic photos; kid friendly activities around the neighborhood; upcoming garage sales; and homes that just came on the market or just sold in that neighborhood. Remember, listings should represent less than 15% of your posts. People want personal recommendations, information, and ideas, not just real estate.
  7. Welcome page – On your Welcome page, include what your page is about and be sure to have a Call-To-Action. Consider offering a free report, or a gift for liking your page. All they need to do is Like your page in order to access that free report or gift.

Remember, the content you put on Facebook business page and the links you use in your posts should link back to your real estate website. This ensures the entire brand comes together. If you have a website that is only about you and your listings, and your Facebook business page is all about your niche and great information, people are not going to connect. Your goal is to have a common theme which becomes part of your brand. You are striving for a brand and a unique value proposition that is consistent.

How do you use Facebook to promote your brand? Do you have any ideas for posts that convert or create conversation? Please share them here.