7 Keys to Gaining New Clients

January 30, 2018
2:14 pm

Genevieve Golden, Fathom Realty District Director and REALTOR®, gives seven keys to gaining clients and keeping them for life.

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Hi, my name is Genevieve Golden, I am a District Director and REALTOR® with Fathom Realty. In the last 12 months, I have been able to sell 87 properties – without an assistant. Today I want to share with you how I was able to do that and really talk about 7 key elements to gaining a client and keeping them for life.

First, just a quick backstory about how I’ve gotten here.  I have been selling Residential Real Estate since 2004.  And as I mentioned, I do not have an assistant, and I have no team members. The question I get asked daily is, “how do you sell that much, and still have a life?” Believe it or not, I do. I went on three week-long vacations and took a month off to get married. Or “How do you manage to get that much business”, or, “will you please tell me how you do that?” I’ll tell you guys in just a second.

I have been doing this, for 13 years in DFW.  But before that, I sat at the foot of the “master of sales”, my Dad.  He sold “Snap on tools”.  What I learned from him, was to make the “customer” become a “client”. You do that in a few simple ways:  be their friend, listen to their needs, help them attain their goals, and help them by walking them through the purchase, so that they will feel happy and satisfied with what they just bought…

For me, and my clients, buying a home is a very big deal – often, the largest investment they will ever make in their lives.  It needs to be treated with respect.  Regardless of the price point, regardless of their station in life, they need to feel like they are the most important people in your life.  And you need to make sure they are comfortable with all the aspects of the process, before you even start.  Which leads me to the first of 7 key elements to gaining a client and keeping them for life…

  1. Once the lead, referral, friend calls you about a home or a piece of land, know what you are talking about, understand the paperwork, know what you are selling, and what to look for.  Have the correct tools in your tool box.  Don’t go sell them something just for a paycheck.  Do it because you can serve your client the way you would want to be served.  A good example would be, I would not want my lawyer to come repair my lawn mower.  Tell them if this is your wheelhouse, or out of your wheelhouse, and if it isn’t in your wheelhouse, refer it to someone who knows what they’re talking about. What they’re doing is important. Then go learn what you need to learn. Do not do on the job training, it usually doesn’t end well.   Remember, this isn’t about you!  It isn’t about you paying your bills, or you going on a vacation.  It is about their dreams and aspirations, the home they will have babies in, or the last home they’re ever going to live in. This is the home that they’re going to celebrate their lives in.  They NEED you to take care of them.  To protect them.  So, treat the transaction like it is the biggest thing you have ever carried safely in your arms. Like you would your newborn child. You are part of one of the biggest things they will EVER do, and if you treat it like that, they will notice it. And they will remember how they were treated.
  2. The second element is to follow up. – One week later, 3 months after that, 6 months, then a year. When you pass the house, or are reminded of them, send them a text, or a card.  Post on FB on their page that you are thinking of them.  Finding a good program that will remind you to send them a note, or give them a call is a good idea.  I personally don’t have one, I need to find a good one, so feel free to recommend in the comments below.  I’m not sure how I remember right now, but I just do.  I’m not perfect though, and I do forget a lot. And that’s business that I lost because I wasn’t thinking of them. Social media is a huge deal nowadays for making relationships flourish, and being friends with your clients will also help you be reminded. People want to be liked and get liked, which leads me to my third key element.
  3. Use Social media – Facebook for me. Twitter and Instagram have not panned out for me, they are too short term. Facebook seems to linger. I use my personal page – I do have a business page - but my personal page makes the biggest difference for me personally.  People love to see what is good and bad in your life.  Make sure you post the good and the bad.  But never negative.  Good, like “OMG, my kid got all A’s,” or “I swear, if I see another pearl video, I’m going to kill myself.” And then the next day post a picture of your latest closing.  On my page, I do torture Thursdays, and don Thursday I post all of my listings and ask them to do me a favor and “share” them for me.  People love to be helpful, they love to look at homes, and they won’t do it unless you ask. So, ask for a favor, and you will get one. Overall, post your heart out.  They may see it, they may not.  But someone will.  And that someone will tell someone.  And you will eventually have the “reputation” that I have.  A “bulldog”, a “go getter”, a “bad &%$”.  That’s what you want, good or bad you want them to think of YOU if they want to buy or sell.  Not someone else. That is what feeds what you need, and is what you want. 
  4. Number 4 – Understand that relationships are key – My husband jokes that all my clients are my ‘best friends”. I guess I make them feel like they are part of my family, but I actually care about their sick mom, the kid who is headed to college, or, I don’t know, their uncle that the don’t even want to be around. If they know you are listening to them, they’re going to listen to you. Don’t treat your clients like a paycheck, treat them like you would want to be treated, and you will have a client for life! People jokingly say to me, “You’re amazing,” and I jokingly say “Yeah, you’re right.” But you need to be amazing for those people. If you trust that you know what you are doing, and you have the education to back it up, you will eventually be the “go to” person in your area.  You just have to make sure they don’t forget about you. Back to the follow-up rule! And Don’t forget them.  Don’t leave them hanging.  Don’t cut them off.  They have developed a relationship with you where they need you, and they enjoy being around you. If you just blow them off after the sale is over, then they will blow you off when the time comes for them to sell a house, or when their best friend needs to sell a house. 
  5. Number 5 Advertise –, Zillow, Trulia, whatever you choose. That will get you started.  I spent $500 a month on Zillow back in 2004 and every brokerage I have been in since, I have been the #1 salesperson.  Not because I spent that, but because I gained clients who referred me to clients, and then they used me again and again.
  6. Number 6, Call your clients – I know you are busy, I promise you that I am busy, but I am never too busy to talk to someone who has helped me pay my bills, or helped me put my kids through college, or helped my buy my kids uniforms. These people bought a house or a piece of land from me. These people are the people who will make your life what you want it to be.  The same people who trusted you with the largest investment they have EVER made in their lives.  They are IMPORTANT!  They will in turn help you grow your business.  You need to be mindful of that. 
  7. And that leads to the last key element – while doing this, treat it with the upmost respect, but it also needs to be fun. Have them enjoy the experience on this journey with you being the “shock absorber”.  Just like that old truck your parents loved so much, that horribly ugly truck that they dropped you off at school in, and you were completely mortified to be seen in it. It was faithful! Put in the key, and it worked. No matter what time of day, and no matter how big the potholes you hit, you didn’t feel it. What I mean by this is, during the transaction don’t tell them about the fires that you put out. Don’t tell them that you had to fix a problem. Be the shock obsorber! It’s your job to make this as seamless as possible. I joke and tell my clients, “All is well! It’s all taken care of. If you need to panic, I’ll let you know.” Be that kind of Realtor.  Be the old faithful friend that will always answer the phone, that will always take you where you want to go, and have it be a fun ride! 

I hope at least some of these elements that have helped me will help you too. Thanks for watching. I mean it.  If you have any thoughts or ideas you want to share, please, post them in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your success and struggles and what you’ve done to gain and keep YOUR clients for life.

If you would like to contact Genevieve, email, or call 903-268-6347.